Minecraft Server Not Starting: Troubleshooting Tips For Java Installation

Minecraft Server Not Starting: Troubleshooting Tips For Java Installation post thumbnail image

If you’re having issues starting up your Minecraft hosting server, don’t be concerned – you’re not by yourself! With this post, we’ll walk you through some popular problem solving methods to acquire your web server ready to go. We’ll protect everything from validating your Java set up to looking at your firewall settings. Therefore if your minecraft anarchy server isn’t commencing, keep reading for a few help!

Troubleshooting Ideas:

Initial, ensure that you get the right Java set up. Minecraft needs Java model “Java SE Development System (JDK) Version 11” or later. You can examine your Java version by opening a terminal windows and typing:

java -model

When you don’t possess the necessary Java model set up, you are able to download it from here. If you’re operating macOS Sierra or later on, Java arrives preinstalled, but it’s not turned on automatically. To enable it, adhere to these guidelines.

Once you’ve approved your Java installment is appropriate, begin the Minecraft web server using this type of command:

java -Xmx1024M -bottle minecraft_host.bottle nogui

When the server doesn’t commence, there are some things you can check:

Ensure that the document permissions for the minecraft_host.bottle file are positioned to executable.

Look at your firewall configurations and ensure that slot 25565 is available.

Ensure that you have adequate memory space allotted for the hosting server. The default is 1024 megabytes, however, you can boost this if required.

Make sure that the hosting server is running from the proper directory. Automatically, it needs to be inside the “container” directory in your Minecraft set up listing.

The Important Thing:

If you’re still having issues starting up your Minecraft server, make sure you submit a subject in our assistance discussion boards, and we’ll gladly aid! We also have a comprehensive listing of problem solving ideas that can help. And don’t forget to check out our online video tutorials for more help.

Hopefully you enjoy enjoying on our servers! Thank You! 

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