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Car chases that do not entail the cops happen more frequently than you might believe. But when these pursuits end in a crash, who’s liable for the damages? The solution might not be instantly apparent. Here are a few factors that may impact the results if you consult with a Bicycle Accident lawyer.


Motorists that chase others open themselves up to a charge of negligent driving, which is often used to create accountability while not consistently true. However, you might be surprised to discover that the motorist who is being chased may additionally be held liable if a car crash ensues. Here’s how both pursuit scenarios might play out.

– If another motorist is being chased by you: Regardless of where the collision happens, the most frequent approach used to create neglect is “but for” causation, which maintains the accident wouldn’t have happened “but for” the pursuing motorist’s activities.

– In The Event you’re being pursued: This scenario is a lot more complex, and the results depend on conditions and the particular facts of the case. For instance, in the event the motorist who is chasing you started the pursuit, it’s not likely you will be held responsible. But in the event that you either escalated it in a way or started the pursuit, chances are you’ll be held at least partially responsible for the crash.

Legal Representation

If someone was injured in a crash whether you were the pursuer or the pursued, chances are you’ll have to talk to a personal injury attorney. Why? Another motorist will probably attempt to put a number of the blame because even in the event that you’re not the pursuer. The most frequent accusation from a pursuer is that the pursued did something to start the pursuit. Maybe, for instance, while doing so you cut off another motorist and used an obscene finger gesture. Those forms of activities could make you at least partly responsible for an accident, even though you’re not the one doing the pursuing.

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