Having a good advisor like him,Dr. John Manzella, is essential for the business to go on the right track

Having a good advisor like him,Dr. John Manzella, is essential for the business to go on the right track post thumbnail image

Dr. John Manzella works with businesses large and small, including financial institutions, central and local governments, manufacturing industries, practices, clinics, hospitals, and non-governmental voluntary organizations. He uses a well-organized approach to identifying problems, collecting and analyzing information, concluding, and presenting options to his clients.
It is not easy to find a generic, real, applicable, and practical definition of optimal medical care: it depends on the patient, the evolution of the disease, safe diagnostic studies, correctly oriented, longitudinal follow-up, having all the information, knowing the patient, adherence to the patient to treatment, the living environment, previously applied treatments, advancement of scientific knowledge and its applicability.
Dr. John Manzella defines it as a quality policy, including the instances of its planning, organization, management, and control, from the different perspectives that express the logic of quality: Perception or comparative experience of users, technical results, resources allocated, efficiency, validation of access to quality services, the relevance of indications, appropriability, affordability, patient safety, and continuous improvement.

Ensure quality medical care

Clinical management, more than a model of administration of health services, implies a true change of attitude not only of the administrative staff but of all healthcare personnel, who must assume the leadership of the administrative tasks, guaranteeing the achievement of the objectives of the institution.
Dr John Manzella incorporates management competencies into his clinical practice, whether in a public or private setting. For this, it is necessary to have a global vision of your organization and of the different functions that are requested of it: manage budgets according to programs; ensure quality care.

Help for the good management of your office

A good advisor is essential for the business to go on the right track. An advisor should be that advisory partner who helps us in our company’s day-to-day running and takes care of it as if it were his own. Dr. John Manzella puts himself in your shoes and helps you in all aspects of your medical business. Without forgetting to make available to you subsidies and aid that you could participate in.

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