Cleaning Your Dab rig: A Step-by-Step Guide

Cleaning Your Dab rig: A Step-by-Step Guide post thumbnail image

Do you know the various areas of a dab rig?

A dab rig typically is made up of four major elements: a nail, a dome, a water water pipe, and a torch. The nail may be the portion of the rig that you just temperature and touch your completely focus to. The dome goes across the nail to trap the vapour. The liquid pipe is commonly used to cool off the vapor before you inhale it. Lastly, the torch is commonly used to heating the nail.

Other accessories you could use with your dab rig, such as a carb limit or dabber. A carb cover really helps to manage the air flow while keeping your concentration from evaporating too quickly. A dabber can be used to apply your completely focus to the nail.

Now you understand all the different dab rig pieces, you’re willing to start using one particular! Make certain you take your time initially and take care not to go crazy. With a certain amount of process, you’ll be an expert.

How you can nice and clean a dab rig

Washing a dab rig is crucial for a couple of reasons: to maintain the taste of the focus real and to prevent the build-up of harmful harmful bacteria. The initial step is always to disassemble your rig and remove the nail. Up coming, bathe every one of the pieces inside a option of rubbing liquor and sea salt for roughly a quarter-hour.

Next, always rinse almost everything with boiling water and allow it to oxygen free of moisture.

After things are all dried out, you may reassemble your rig and use it once more. You can preserve your dab rig clean and safe to use with slightly hard work!


Dab rigs are an easy way to savor your chosen concentrates. Just be sure you carry it slowly initial and thoroughly clean your rig on a regular basis. With a certain amount of exercise, you’ll be a specialist very quickly! Thanks for reading through! I really hope this was useful.

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