Breast Surgery: Questions To Ask A Surgeon

Breast Surgery: Questions To Ask A Surgeon post thumbnail image

Before you undergo breast surgery, asking questions is something you need to seriously do. This can change your life forever, hence asking all questions about this procedure is only necessary.
Do not feel threatened that by asking questions, you might insult your doctor. Your doctor should understand that as someone who wants to be sure of the result he/she would get, will ask questions relevant to the service they provide.
Dr Leonard Hochstein, a popular surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, is providing free consultation because he knows that proper education is the key for his patients to truly understand what they would get from this kind of procedure.
As long as your questions are related to breast augmentation, there is no reason to dismiss the question.
Moving on, here are some of the questions you can start with:
What should I expect after the surgery?
Setting your expectations is very important when dealing with surgeries, particularly breast augmentation. You have to get information directly from the surgeon and not just information you gathered online.
– how long is the healing process?
– what level of pain will I expect?
– how long will the surgery or the procedure last?
– will I be sleeping during the procedure?
– how many doctors will be there during the procedure?
– do I need to stay in the clinic or hospital after the procedure? If yes, for how long?
How much do I need to pay?
How much do I need to pay? Remember that it is not only the procedure itself you need to prepare your budget on but also before and after that. Some questions related to this category are:
– how much are the medicines I need to take after the procedure?
– how much does the follow up check up cost?
– how much is the fee in case I need to stay in the hospital for a few days?

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