A specialist like Nihar Gala helps you fight addiction

A specialist like Nihar Gala helps you fight addiction post thumbnail image

In the past, addictions were exclusively associated with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and gambling. Today we know that addiction can take different forms. In fact, in recent years, other addictions have emerged, mainly due to new technologies, such as addiction to mobile phones or the Internet. However, people are also addicted to sex, food, shopping, and work.
Addiction treatment is very effective since it allows the person to learn to distinguish situations that promote consumption and develop effective strategies to avoid them. The cognitive-behavioral program of Nihar Gala focuses on developing self-control, dealing with craving or desire, and managing negative emotions related to consumption and detoxification.
In a more particular way, Nihar Gala defines addiction as a change in behavior, conditioned by the need or irrepressible impulse to come into contact with some element. It can be psychoactive substances such as alcohol or marijuana, and cocaine;however, people are also addicted to sex and gambling. At present, addictions are spoken of to refer to dependency attitudes regarding using electronic devices.

Minimizes the addict’s dependency

To stop addictions, it is essential to have the support of Nihar Gala and avoid all situations that may make us relapse into the problem. Quitting addictions permanently is not an easy task. These dangerous habits or behaviors generate dependency in the person and can even cause long-term illnesses and death.

It is the perfect help for the addict

It is important to note that you may need the help of a specialist like Nihar Gala. In situations where good intentions are not enough, it is very important to recognize that one is incapable of overcoming addiction alone and that professional help is required.
In popular vocabulary, this word is often used with different senses to refer to almost anything that attracts us. Someone, for example, can say that they are addicted to pizza, although he wants to imply that he likes her.

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