Sophia Lipp

A Heartfelt Pledge

by Vince Mazzaferro

ImageOn July 14 Breathe California held its 21st Annual Bike 4 Breath charity ride at Life Technologies in Foster City. Sophia Lipp (left) was among the hundreds of riders who will be returned this year to make it a great ride. Last year she raised $1,700 – the highest in her age group – and this year she far surpassed that amount. While this is not the first ride Sophia and her family have participated in, this year may be the most memorable as she was the top fundraiser for the entire event. The top fundraiser received two round trip airline tickets courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

How did she garner so much support for her team this time around? Sophia celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this year and unselfishly asked attendees to donate to the Bike 4 Breath rather than send her gifts or money. Sophia’s parents, brother and friends rode alongside her this year on the 18 mile route. The family has registered under the name “Team Abuelo” in memory of Sophia’s grandfather who died of lung cancer.

Sophia admits that participating in the bike ride has furthered her understanding of lung health related diseases. She hopes that by funneling donations from her Bat Mitzvah celebration and getting friends and family to join her, she can help spread awareness. Like most 13 year olds Sophia enjoys listening to music and seeing friends in her free time. She carpools to school to help reduce air pollution, and when asked about her plans for the future admits, “I look forward to finishing middle school and riding in future Bike for Breath rides.” Breathe California will welcome you back every year, Sophia!

Visit Sophia's fundraising page

Breathe California is dedicated to fighting lung disease, advocating for clean air and promoting public health in its local communities. For more information on the 21st Annual Bike 4 Breath, please call1-877-3-BREATHE or visit our event website at www.bike4breath.org.

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