Legislative Update

Breathe California fights for clean air and healthy lungs. Our advocacy work hits every level of policy implementation – local, state, and federal. Over the last five years alone Breathe California has participated in an average of:
  • 350 in-person meetings with policy makers each year;
  • 175 collaborative and collaboration meetings each year,
  • 45 formal public testimonies at hearings each year.
Some of the legislative and regulatory initiatives we are working on include:

SB 691 (Hancock) - Support / Sponsor

Increase Polluter Penalties

SB 691 would increase penalties for severely disruptive air pollution violations at stationary sources in California. The maximum penalty for this this type of violation is limited by law to $10,000. This is inadequate for encouraging pollution sources to maintain facilities so that they are compliance with their permits. The Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond resulted in over 15,000 people seeking emergency care at local hospitals and clinics.

SB 1204 (Lara) & SB 1275 (de Leon) - Support

Charge Ahead with Clean Vehicles

SB 1204 would create the California Clean Truck and Bus Program, to be funded from cap and trade revenues, to fund zero- and near-zero emission truck and bus technology, with preference for projects in disadvantaged communities. SB 1275, the “Charge Ahead Initiative,” directs the Air Resources Board to develop a long-term funding plan to meet the goal of putting one million electric cars, trucks, and buses on the streets, and ensuring access for disadvantaged communities. Both bills will help clean up our air by transitioning to cleaner vehicle technology.

AB 1500 (Dickinson) - Support

Protect Youth from E-Cigarettes

AB 1500 would require a signature and age verification upon delivery for the purchase of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have not been found safe or effective by the FDA, which is opening an investigation into electronic cigarettes. Breathe California worked to prohibit sales of electronic cigarettes to minors by passing SB 882 (Corbett), and this bill will close an important loophole.

SB 1005 (Lara) - Support

Health Care for All

SB 1005 would extend access to affordable health coverage for all Californians, without regard to immigration status, by offering the same assistance provided by the Affordable Care Act to Californians who are not currently eligible. This bill creates a state-only Medi-Cal program and health benefits marketplace for those who are barred from Medi-Cal by reason of immigration status, covering children up to 266% and adults up to 138% of the federal poverty line with the same coverage options available through Covered California.

SB 1239 (Wolk) - Support

School Nurse Funding

SB 1239 brings nurses back into our schools by requiring school districts receiving new funding to employ at least one school nurse, and would allow for school districts to bill health plans for services provided. Children with asthma and other chronic conditions requiring urgent care need school nurses so they can receive asthma screening, learn how to manage their asthma, respond to an asthma attack, and live healthier lives.

Climate Change Scoping Plan Update

The California Air Resources Board is updating the Climate Change Scoping Plan, pursuant to the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32, 2006). Breathe California is advocating for an ambitious update that identifies a mid-term target for greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and identifies measures to reduce pollution from energy, transportation, waste, and industrial sectors.

COPD Awareness and Treatment

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, but many patients do not receive adequate care, and our nation lacks a comprehensive response plan. Breathe California is advocating before state health agencies for improved patient and health provider awareness, so patients can receive screening and referral to preventive care and rehabilitation.

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