Ash Kickers

Breathe California's Ash Kickers Quit Smoking program helps adults who want to quit. Through this program, we offer free cessation classes in English and Spanish to adults who live or work in San Mateo County and provide free patches to participants in adult cessation classes. We also train and certify community members as cessation facilitators.

Ash Kickers Logic Model

HAVE A HEALTHIER FALL - Make a change that could save your life:

Quit smoking with Breathe California's Ash Kickers Smoking Cessation Program! You can pre-register for upcoming classes by filling out an Online Referral Form right now! Our office will contact 2-4 weeks prior to new classes in your area to complete your enrollment. You must be pre-registered to take Ash Kickers Classes. Only those 18 years of age and over may attend.

Daly City
October 4 - November 1 | Sat. Mornings, 10:30 a.m.-12:00 Noon | Addit. Class Monday, October 20
Redwood City
September 10 - October 8 | Wed. Evenings, 6:30-8:00 p.m. | Addit. Class Friday, September 26
San Mateo
September 2 - October 7 | Tues. Evenings, 6:00-7:30 p.m. | Addit. Class Thursday, September 18

Ash Kickers classes are now being scheduled to start in July in Daly City, Redwood City and San Mateo.

If you pre-register today, we'll put you on our waiting list and call you when we have finalized the dates for a class near you!

80% of adult smokers want to quit. Do you?

Sign up for Breathe California’s 5-week/6-session Ash Kickers Smoking Cessation Class and we’ll help you every step of the way as you work to go smoke-free this fall. Led by a trained facilitator, the class utilizes group support and offers participants resources and strategies to quit and stay quit. The classes are FREE for San Mateo County residents and you must pre-register to attend.

“Ash Kickers is particularly effective because it utilizes multiple strategies including nicotine replacement therapy, behavior modification, and peer support. This multi-faceted approach is designed to fit into anyone's lifestyle."

-Michela Christensen, Breathe California Tobacco Services Coordinator

Have any questions about the Ash Kickers Tobacco Cessation Program? Email us:
!¿ESTA PREPARADO PARA DEJAR DE FUMAR? ¡Podemos ayudarle! La clase 'Ash Kickers' será en Español y comenzará el 6 de abril en San Mateo. Por favor comuniquese con Laura Herrera para mas información: (650) 862-1320.
San Mateo
6 abril - 4 mayo | los sábados, 10:30 a 12:00 | Clase adicionial 22 abril

Making the decision to quit or re-quit any type of tobacco product

  • Determine your reasons for quitting and write them down. It’s important to remind yourself why you are doing this and what will motivate you.
  • Educate yourself. We all know that smoking is bad for us but why? Understand exactly what you’re doing to your body and those around you.
  • Know your options. Find out what is the best for you. Cold turkey, Group cessation, Nicotine Replacement Therapy, there’s of different ways.
  • Find support. There is no reason you need to quit on your own. There are many folks out there doing the same thing. Join a class or support group.
  • Phone a friend. Always let the people around you know that you are attempting to quit and that you may need their support in difficult times.
  • Set a quit date. Know exactly what day and time you’re going to stop and commit to it. If you go back to smoking, set another date right away.
  • Plan for difficult situations. This is not an easy task. Make sure you are prepared with alternative stress relievers and coping tools for any trigger situations that may come up.
  • Commit to health in general. Drinking more water, watch what you eat and exercise, this will help your body feel better and help make quitting easier.
  • Be patient. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. This is a long process for some and may take a few attempts. Just remember every attempt is one step closer to permanently becoming smoke free.
  • Reward yourself. Make an effort to give yourself small rewards for your progress; Dinner out, a new book, time with family or friends. You deserve it.
Classes are funded through grants from the Tobacco Prevention Program of San Mateo County

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