Air Quality Advocacy

Working for Clean Air and Clean Fuel Vehicles Image

Breathe California advocates for clean air and healthy lungs throughout California and the Bay Area. We work to reduce air pollution by supporting policies that reduce toxic emissions from polluters and vehicles.

We are working to:
  • Reduce diesel emissions from off-road and construction equipment by 75%.
  • Pass legislation that would reduce health impacts of freight transportation.
  • Advocate for making point-source polluters comply with clean air and health regulations.
  • Improve public transportation to reduce exposure to ozone.
  • Support efforts that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to stop global warming.

Join our Advocacy Network
Send letters of support about key environmental and health issues to your local and state legislators.

Our past policy successes include:
  • Cleaner School Bus Initiative
  • Anti-Idling Campaign
  • MUNI Diesel Buses: Prop I
  • City and County Resolutions on Cleaner Fleets and Global Warming
  • The Bay Area Clean Air Task Force

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