“Because breathing shouldn’t be a struggle or a risk”

We at Breathe California are actively advocating for policies that promote clean air and improve lung health in our communities. Our legacy of advocacy work spans decades and includes the implementation of the 1970 Clean Air Act and the Prop 99 tobacco-tax in California. We continue to be a key advocate of landmark state and federal legislation on air quality and lung health issues.

As a community-driven grassroots organization, we welcome input from our community members to determine necessary legislation and policy change. Breathe California then amplifies our communities’ voice to hit every level of policy implementation. Our local team of policy experts advocate for air quality and lung health improvement in all nine Bay Area Counties. Over the last five years alone Breathe California has participated in an average of:
  • 350 in-person meetings with policy makers each year;
  • 175 collaborative and collaboration meetings each year,
  • 45 formal public testimonies at hearings each year.
Additionally, we offer a participatory e-advocacy platform for community members to flex their “citizen muscles” and support vital legislation protecting our public health.

We have seen many successes, but there is much more to do. Lung disease is now the 2nd leading cause of death in America. As we strive for a world free of lung disease, with your support and participation we are determined to tackle these challenges.

Become a Breathe California Advocate today! Learn more about our breadth of advocacy work in:
View our full list of Policy Accomplishments and our Air Quality and Lung Health Partners
!Join Our Advocacy Network Breathe California is making a difference by advocating for lung health issues and acting as a model for the nation...but we can't do it without you. In addition to our local grassroots programs which promote lung health, we are working on state and national levels to help shape policy and pass legislation supporting our vision of healthier communities and cleaner air. Members of our Advocacy Network will be able to sign petitions and send web messages to their legislators about policy issues that Breathe California is focusing on. Become a [http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50701/p/salsa/web/common/public/signup?signup_page_KEY=7748|Breathe California Advocate] today. {HTML(wiki="1")}
{IMG(src="display390",imalign="left")}{IMG}"The most proud that I've been as a Supervisor with my ten colleagues on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is in developing policy from the bottom up. Breathe California and our environmental justice organizations have really been wonderful, making it easy for policymakers like me so that we use local policymaking to really promote leadership and a brighter future for everyone."

- Supervisor Eric Mar

{HTML} !A History of Leadership in Public Health{IMG(src="display149",imalign="right",class="padbord")}{IMG} Since 1908, with the help of thousands upon thousands of individuals like you supporting us, we have worked to prevent lung disease and promote lung health in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Since our founding as the San Francisco Society for the Study of and Prevention of Tuberculosis, we have been at the forefront in support of research, education and advocacy to eradicate lung disease. !Tuberculosis Through education, prevention, treatment and research, we played a key role in containing the TB epidemic by the mid-1900s. Today we continue to advocate for adequate funding of TB control services, as tuberculosis remains one of the leading causes of death by infectious disease worldwide. !Tobacco Control Since the 1980s we have been leaders in advocating for smoke-free workplaces, restaurants, bars, parks, golf courses, farmers markets and multi-unit housing. Breathe California staff have provided leadership to local county tobacco control coalitions. !Clean Air Advocacy With the help of a strong grassroots effort we have been instrumental in the adoption of clean vehicle policies for city and county fleets, the removal of dirty diesel school buses, wood smoke control and adoption of clean truck and construction regulations in California. Today we continue to fight against threats to regulations that protect clean air and reduce green house gases. !Asthma Advocacy In addition to our ((Asthma Education)) programs, we have advocated for policies to reduce the burden of asthma in communities, including instituting asthma action plans for students in schools and daycare, increasing carpet-free and smoke-free units and assisting with mold identification in public housing. !Research Since the early 1900s we have made research a top priority in our fight against lung disease. We continually advocate for increased funding for lung disease research on the state and ((COPD Advocacy|national level)). !The Fight Continues We have seen many successes, but there is much more to do. Lung disease is now the 2nd leading cause of death in America. As we strive for a world free of lung disease, we are determined to confront these challenges with the same commitment and determination we used to curtail the tuberculosis epidemic of the 1900s.

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